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栏目简介:It was just last week that we were singing the praises of Mika Mobile’s Zombieville USA 2 [99¢] in our review and discussing it further on our latest podcast. But already, Mika Mobile has released an update to the game which fixes a few bugs, makes some adjustments, and adds a new playable character.This game was destined for the high-definition tablet touchscreen.? The new version has taken the mythical environments of the original and upgraded it for modern audiences.? Past players will see their favorite scenes and characters crystallized into gorgeous portraits.? New players will be instantly submerged into these magical worlds, from the rustic Pizza Pass to the striking Lion’s Lair and the techno grid of the Bubblewonder Abyss.? TERC’s done a phenomenal job at making this game aesthetically pleasing for the discerning contemporary gamer.
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