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nba nets harden

Time:2021-11-29 12:40:53 Source:lebron 2021 Author:Vancouver Whitecaps Read:456second

People who play video games for long periods of time tend to report feeling happier than those who do not, a study has indicated.

@nessisonett I mean, you're saying that like Courage the Cowardly Dog didn't come out 24 years ago.16Ryan_AgainTue 24th Nov 2020

nba nets harden

It’s tragic to me that kids today are forced to wear masks all day or only interact through screens and plastic cages, while being fed dystopian escapism like this... the psyche of many children in 2020 just can’t be good...17ZeeeusWed 25th Nov 2020Looks like CN Battle Crashers 2, hard pass

nba nets harden

18GrizzledVeteranWed 25th Nov 2020@nessisonett Lol about kid's shows today. I couldn't agree more with your statements. My wife and I always joke about the shows we grew up on in the 80s being glorified commercials (Transformers) or propaganda of some kind (G.I. Joe). Outdated, potentially culturally insensitive, not inclusive/diverse by today's standards, etc. etc.

nba nets harden

Then our sons (aged 7 and 9) discovered this show on Netflix and we burst out laughing. May as well make a "Walking Dead Jr." at this point.

191ofUsWed 7th Apr 2021Gaming addiction classified as disorder

Published2 January 20181nessisonettTue 24th Nov 2020

Christ, kids shows have gotten dark haven’t they?2StephenYap3Tue 24th Nov 2020

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