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Time:2021-11-29 08:23:27 Source:lebron 2021 Author:D'Angelo Russell Read:302second

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@Ryan_Again Help I'm either at home or school and my Switch was taken so pray for me.35PlusUltraWed 7th Apr 2021


Somewhat interested in this, i would like it better if it was over the shoulder third person plus still supported four player local co-op.Never seen the show or read the book but this has a bit of my attention.Boring, safe and lower end games can be great games too, ill take them over overly cinematic triple A games full of qtes or gimmicks. So many action games forget to give you a decent enough play box, multiple playable characters and the freedom to create your on action with friends I might add.


36Benjamin_KThu 8th Apr 2021Look like it could be fun, if it gets its gameplay mechanics right. The animation and voice acting looks good.


37streetzmanThu 8th Apr 2021

@justpizza That isn't even similar to Smash either.5BumpkinRichTue 24th Nov 2020

@WickedUnicarnBoi Yeah they did. My son loves the books but gave up on the Netflix show. There IS a great game lurking in the pages of that book, but I'm not sure this is it.6JakiboyTue 24th Nov 2020

Looking forward to the Nintendo Life review of it and them giving it an average score when the game itself is downright terrible.7Supadav03Tue 24th Nov 2020

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