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There are several kinds of dissertation, and each of them has a newer thing to do. Mostly the essay is used to in the field of Ph.D. degree. The submission of the thesis is the sign of the final year. When we are in college, we need to submit the file, which leads to an increase in the marks. As a Ph.D. student, every single target is essential. That’s why the dissertation is written, but those students who take this not seriously they have to face some problem regarding the marks. The ford dissertation fellowship is an institute which provides the selection to the best dissertation. For selecting the essay, there is a selection process.

Before selecting the best dissertation, the institute sends the mail to the students and makes a deadline. When they get the entire essay, then they start the process.

Selecting process

In the entire dissertation selection process, there is the one most important person is dissertation chairperson. He is the only one who makes the result after the procedure.

In the first step, the professors will select the dissertation that makes the title page attractive. It means the students must follow the format of the title page.

The introduction contains all the main facts which they have written in the body paragraph. If the presentation is different from the main content, then they will reject the dissertation.

The conclusion is written by using the proper format. The professors make the list of those students who appear the best.

All the thesis must be explained by appropriate evidence

When the professor submits the list and the dissertation to the chairperson, then he will select one of the best essays and give student award.

Thus, these are some steps which help the professor in selecting the best dissertation.



Make sure that different area has deferent kind of dissertation so, and there is not a single result is declared. They all need to make the result according to fields. Keep a thing in your mind that if the dissertation is written in the proper format, it means the student may work hard in preparing the essay.

Thus, these are some aspect that does the best dissertation. Make sure that you need to write the essay by using proper format whether it of APA style or MLA style.